Hoekstra, S., and Romme, J.H.J.M. (Eds.) (1985), Op Weg Naar Integrate Logistieke Structuren. Kluwer, Deventer, The Netherlands (in Dutch). - Published in English in 1992 as:Hoekstra, Sjoerd, & Romme, Jac (Eds.). (1992). Integral logistic structures : developing customer-oriented goods flow. New York: Industrial Press.

  • This book is really a compilation of contributions from a number of authors. It is anyway included here since specific authors are not mentioned as responsible for individual chapters and hence the book is considered as a text book here. It is the first substantial publication on decoupling points and as such it is an important reference even if the concept of decoupling points, referred to as Order Penetration Point, was published earlier by e.g. Sharman (1984).


Shingò„, Shigeo. (1981). Study of Toyota Production System from Industrial Engineering Viewpoint. Tokyo: Japan Management Association
(Republished in English 1989 as: Shingo, S. (1989) A Study of the Toyota Production System, Productivity Press, Portland.)

  • The D:P relation is introduced by Shingo on pages 37-39 (in the republished edition). The phrase "decoupling point" is not used by Shingo but still the D:P relation have many similarities with the concept of customer order decoupling point. In this sense Shingo could be considered as one of earliest references on this particular topic.